Your Dreams Come Around

I was sitting at home many years back listening to diferent songs, but one of them caught my attention, it was a song by Bacilos called “Caraluna” when you are in music you get familiarized with the term “It has a good sound” meaning how large the song sounds and the cleanness, and this one really stood out from the bunch and I thought to myself, Wow I would really love a song with this sound…

After meeting Jairo Martinez as I told you about in my past post, my mission was to record my music and finish songs I had began producing in my hometown, so I was introduced to a Producer/Engineer called Iker Gastaminza. When I arrived at his house in his waiting room he had on display several Grammys, including a platinum disk for Shakira’s album “Oral Fixation” which let me know he was good at what he does, so I asked him if he could check out my album.

When he opened the tracks he said, “Chamo” like Venezuelans often do, If you want this to be competitive internationally you are going to have to record this all over… That’s a blow on the face when you’ve put years into getting your Material as best you can but he obviously was someone I wanted to trust.

So due to the fact that I had spent all my budget putting together the first Material to come up with a new budget was going to be a challenge. So Iker said this . “You Have three options, quality, time and price, pick two” “If its good and its fast, it wont be cheap, if its fast and its cheap it wont be good” “if its good and its cheap it wont be fast” . Knowing my situation and my love for perfectionism I chose good and cheap.

Daniel and Iker

So recordings became after hours and yes we took a couple of years putting the album together in both languages, but in that time Iker became the best music mentor a person can have, and I learned so much about producing an album I can’t measure in value. One day after a long time I asked Iker if I could look at his Grammy’s and he said “sure”. And to my surprise one of them was for the song “Carluna” of Bacilos where he produced and Mixed.

After we finished recording the album I released the Spanish version of one of my songs produced by Iker in my hometown and I reached the number one spot for three weeks, the single’s name is “Tu Toque” and I want to give it to you for FREE just Click on this link

Talk to you soon,

-Daniel Zapata